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ZEOCAT-3D fourth and final newsletter is out now!

ZEOCAT-3D forth newsletter is now available!

ZEOCAT-3D Social Life-Cycle Assessment Survey: open for contributions

Our project partner Lurederra releases the ZEOCAT-3D Social Life-Cycle Assessment Survey.

3D-cat Teams visits Bioenergy Nigritas´ biogas plant in Greece

Another ZEOCAT-3D partner visit takes place in Greece to discuss the upcoming pilot-scale unit


So many things happened within the ZEOCAT-3D project during the last 12 months.

Gazing into a chemical reactor: how does gas flow through 3D-printed structures?

ZEOCAT-3D partner TU/e presents new experiments on gas dispersion in 3D-printed logpile structures

Bioenergy Nigritas gets ready to host ZEOCAT-3D’s innovative pilot-scale unit

ZEOCAT-3D consortium members met in Greece to prepare the setup of the project’s pilot-scale unit.

Can 3D printed catalyst structures increase the performance of chemical reactors?

ZEOCAT-3D consortium members TU/e, VITO, and 3D-cat published a review paper on the process intensi

The role of numerical simulations in ZEOCAT-3D

In this short interview, Riccardo Togni from DCS Computing explains how using “digital twins” is pa

ZEOCAT-3D and innovative open-access modelling concepts to the mass continuity equation in hollow fibres

Curious about the modelling of the mass continuity equation in a hollow-fibre membrane?

ZEOCAT-3D presented at the 21st Chinese Zeolite Conference

A video presentation on the work done by CNRS colleagues gets streamed to an international audience of experts at

ZEOCAT-3D poster awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry at FEZA 2021

The scientific artefact devised by CNRS colleagues earns the RSC Advances Poster Prize at FEZA 2021

ZEOCAT-3D's Newsletter #2 is now available!

Are you curious to know more about how the ZEOCAT-3D project evolved in the last months?

From ZEOCAT-3D to Zero Pollution

Is the new EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability influencing the work of ZEOCAT-3D?

ZEOCAT-3D presentation gets a silver medal at GFZ 36th annual meeting

A presentation on the use of 3D printing in methane dehydroaromatization was judged second-best at

ZEOCAT-3D celebrates on track progress on its second birthday

Read more on the latest advancement by the ZEOCAT-3D project and its consortium partners.

ZEOCAT-3D publishes its first scientific article on ethylene transformation

Studying how ethylene reacts during methane dehydroaromatization opens new doors to understanding r

ZEOCAT-3D launches its new online Multi-stakeholder Platform

In keeping with its motto: “Learn, Share & Discuss”, the ZEOCAT-3D authored Platform features c

New and innovative methods for the conversion of alkanes to olefins and aromatics

Take part into the first webinar jointly organised by the C123, ZEOCAT-3D and BIZEOLCAT EU-funded p

ZEOCAT-3D participated in a dechema symposium

On 28 October 2020, CNSR, one of Zeocat-3D’s partners, participated in the


The first newsletter of ZEOCAT-3D has been issued.

ZEOCAT-3D in Suschem Stakeholders Event 2019 at Brussels

ZEOCAT-3D has been present in The 2019 SusChem Stakeholders Event "Sustainable Chemistry to solve global challenges:

ZEOCAT-3D M6 meeting hosted by Lurederra Technology Centre

The second meeting of ZEOCAT-3D project took place in Lurederra Technology Centre, located in Los Arcos (Spain) on 09

ZEOCAT-3D Kick-off Meeting in Sevilla

The ZEOCAT-3D project, funded by the Horizon 2020 European programme, was launched on 15th and 16th


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