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ZEOCAT-3D Project

The goal of the project ZEOCAT-3D is the development of a new bi-functional (two types of active centers) structured catalysts, achieving for the first time a tetramodal pore size distribution (micro-, meso1-, meso2-, macro-porous) and high dispersion of metal active sites for the conversion of methane, coming from different sources as natural gas and biogas, into high value chemicals such as aromatics (benzene, naphthalene, among others) via methane dehydroaromatization (MDA).

Challenges of the MDA process

Difficult activation of the C-H bond of CH4 molecule, high reactivity of the products compared to methane, and acid sites of zeolites are occupied by coke deposition.

Problems to solve

The main drawbacks associated the process are low methane conversion, low selectivity towards the desired products and the quick deactivation due to carbon deposition onto the catalyst.

The solution

These problems will be overcome by the use of hierarchical zeolites structures synthesized by 3D-printing and loaded with doped molybdenum nano-oxides.

Expected results

Improved methane conversion (>50%), Increased selectivitiy towards benzene (>90%), Enhanced performance (7 times less deactivation), Higher yield rates (up to 80%).

What are the Key elements on which the research will be focused?


Development and production of improved catalyst, a 3D hierarchical structure with bi-functional activity (two types of active centers).


Design, construction and validation of catalytic reactor, with improved productivity for direct methane MDA into aromatics.


Rational design of catalyst/multi-scale modelling, for achieving multimodal pore size distribution (micro-, meso1-, meso2-, macro-porous).


Optimization for different methane feedstock, which will bring enormous advantages for increasing the exploitation of natural gas and biogas.

Project numbers


Project workpackages

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